Keeping up with advances in rabbit medicine is challenging, considering the quantity and quality of exciting new information introduced in the last few years at both veterinary conferences and in the scientific literature.


   One of the most interesting recent topics is ear disease and ear surgery.  We chose this cutting edge topic to produce the first of a new series of books; nonetheless, this is not a standard book. E-books are becoming very popular both for practical and economic reasons. However, this area of e-publishing is focused mostly on reading books, or highly visual books such as illustrated stories for children, magazines, manuals, cookbooks, or travel books. To date, veterinary medicine (in particular exotic veterinary medicine) has not yet specifically investigated the full range of this tool. The few versions of veterinary e-books available are similar to the electronic version of printed books.


   As we speak, e-books are currently going through a rapid evolution. The first generation of static e-books (whose main advantage was to be stored in a computer or a tablet) is being replaced by dynamic e-books. A dynamic e-book is a highly visual and illustrated book where pages can be zoomed and panned, and can contain hyperlinks and photo galleries where the reader can swipe photos, buttons, drawings in multiple layers, video clips, audio, and more. Unlike a website, once downloaded it does not require an online connection. The amount of visual information increases dramatically when compared to printed books. In many cases, the cover price is less than that for a printed book.


   For these reasons we are proud to introduce the first dynamic e-book specifically for exotic medicine. We also believe that the complicated topic of rabbit ear surgery will benefit from this format. 80 pages, almost 150 illustrations, and 50 minutes of video clip highlights are dedicated to rabbit ear disease, with a special emphasis on surgical treatment and the visual description of current techniques and approaches.


   It is still too early to predict if this format will become a milestone for the transmission of information in veterinary medicine, especially pertaining to surgical topics. However, we hope this approach will help to make this complex topic easier and even more interesting.